Following Football from Afar: St Helena Island

Being a football fan on a remote island isn’t all that different to being a football fan anywhere else in the world. In fact, there are also some distinct benefits: football season is sunny, being abroad means we get to watch the 3pm Saturday kick offs on TV and there’s no Robbie Savage! There are […]

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2015: What we have in store for you

2015 is an exciting year for the South Atlantic Ocean Football Blog – because we will be covering the Falkland Islands national football team in Jersey for the 2015 Island Games – we can’t wait! They will, however, be facing fierce opposition from the likes of Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man and Greenland. If you […]

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Football in the remote Falkland Islands

Tomos Knox goes on the trail of football on the Falklands, exploring the Beautiful Games’ influence on the islands. Football has been popular on the Falklands since the early 20th century, and the islands boast a national team,  indoor football and a youth setup.  However, the local league is not active at the moment, as local FA Chairman […]

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South Atlantic Ocean Football

Football as we know it is changing before our very eyes. Ticket prices are rising and billionaire club owners are spending obscenely large sums of cash on footballers. However, on a series of remote islands in the South Atlantic Ocean, football continues to do what it ought to do best: bring communities together. Saint Helena […]

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Tristan da Cunha: The remotest football team on earth

Tristan da Cunha, a volcanic island in the South Atlantic,1510 miles to the south of Saint Helena, is the most remote inhabited settlement on earth, boasting a population of a meagre 264. There are only eight different surnames on the island but Tristan da Cunha still manages to have its very own football club: Tristan […]

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