2015: What we have in store for you

2015 is an exciting year for the South Atlantic Ocean Football Blog – because we will be covering the Falkland Islands national football team in Jersey for the 2015 Island Games – we can’t wait! They will, however, be facing fierce opposition from the likes of Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man and Greenland. If you can’t get to Jersey this summer, no fear! We, armed with match reports and analysis, will keep you updated on the team’s progress!

Also, in a new feature, we will be doing a weekly round-up of the goings on in the St Helena Football League, so that you won’t miss any news. Even if you’re not at all bothered by football on the island, you keep reading our round-ups and you’ll become an expert!

We’ll also keep you posted regarding the Ascension League, which will be re-commencing soon. And, if there is any news about Tristan da Cuhna, we’ll have it covered!

We’re always open to new ideas, so if you feel like getting in touch, don’t hesitate!


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