The South Atlantic Ocean, is not, admittedly, where you would expect a football blog cover. In fact, you probably think that we follow football underwater or something. We don’t blame you either. It’s hard enough to cover ourselves, and we understand this stuff.

In the South Atlantic Ocean lie a number of islands. We cover four: Saint Helena, Tristan da Cunha, Ascension Islands and the Falkland Islands. Each of these islands has its own football setup – and the Falkland Islands have their own national football team!

Football on the islands is not without its difficulties, mind. Tristan da Cunha FC, the remotest national football team on earth, haven’t played over the last few years, due to the remoteness of the island, while St Helena cannot send a national team to the Island Games, because of a lack of funds, meaning that until the airport has been built, in 2016, St Helenian footballers will not be able to play internationally.

We hope you enjoy the blog, it really does cover a niche topic. We are dedicated to providing an insightful look into football in the South Atlantic Ocean, so if you’d like to pitch an idea, give us your opinion on the blog, or just have a chat, simply contact us!


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